Notable Productions Australia
Music Composition, Publication
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Notable Productions Australia
Music Composition, Publication
Typesetting & Sheet Music



The Rose for piano solo (from Pieces for Piano Volume III)

Caprice for guitar solo

Spanish Dance for guitar trio

Frangipani Meets Godzilla (for radio broadcast)

Fractal 1

The Songs of Omar Khayyam - verse 46 

The Songs of Omar Khayyam - verses 1 and 2 

Uncertain Progress for piano solo (Pieces for Piano Volume II)

Waves for piano solo (Pieces for Piano Volume II)

Going Somewhere for String Orchestra

Peter Altmeier Mort HP

Peter Altmeier-Mort is one of Australia's leading guitar educators. As well as the musical anthology highlited above, he has multiple highly recommended books and pieces to aid in the teaching of classical guitar.

Peter's "Guitar for Kidz" series, are used by guitar teachers and guitar ensembles worldwide. "Introducing Freestroke", and the three volumes of "The Art of Classical Guitar" are just some of the resources available.

Follow this link to classicalguitarhowto and browse the available library.

Songs of Omar Khayyam HP 

The "Songs of Omar Khayyám" for Voice and Guitar

NOW arranged for Voice and Piano 

Suitable for all voices, “The Songs of Omar Khayyám” are sourced from verses contained within the “Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám of Naishapur”  (the Edward Fitzgerald version of 1859).

These nine songs were constructed using the Persian modes of the time. The verses, together with their interpretation, are notated prior to the musical score; thus giving the performers a closer association with the words. The music offers both narrative and emotion.

There are two separate volumes with all the songs for the differing arrangements; every song however, can be purchased separately.



Pieces for Piano HP

42 mostly short piano pieces divided into 3 volumes. Volume I has the easiest pieces, whilst Volumes II and III have more difficult selections. Listen to the Audio Samples attached to each work and view some sample pages in Book Tour

These pieces would suit players of Prelimary, Intermediate and Advanced technique. There are pieces for pleasure and technique.

Volumes I, II and III can be purchased individually or as a set of two. There is also a volume containing all 42 works - "Pieces for Piano Complete Set". As well, the pieces can be purchased individually.

Ross McMahon HP

Ross' CD - "Retrospective" brings alive his compostional prowess and guitar technique. The music is wonderful and each piece has an Audio Sample to listen to.

"Bream Samba" is the sheet music score of the last piece on the CD. Buy this and delight in playing it yourself. Let the world hear a truly wonderful composition.

Stephen Benfall Blues at Eleven HP

Written for Piano and Single Instrument, there are Multiple arrangements including:

Violin, Viola, Bb Clarinet, Bassoon, Bb and Eb Saxophones. All parts are included in the downloaded file. This piece would suit performers of intermediate level.

This work is a listed AMEB exanination piece for 4th Grade Flute and 5th Grade Viola.


This website mostly features the published music of Gary Rutledge; but other composers such as
Peter Altmeier-Mort, Stephen Benfall and Ross McMahon are also featured.

In order to browse the sheet music and listen to the musical samples, just click on the type of music
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There is a great variety of style and purpose to suit all:

  • Students, teachers, performers, self-taught enthusiasts and listeners;
  • Individual players and groups such as choirs;
  • Singers, pianists, guitarists and wind players;
  • Duets, trios, quartets, choirs, guitar orchestras;
  • Sheet music and Audio files;

plus much more…

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